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We learn and understand your business. We meet with representatives from various departments and locations to help understand how your business operates and to find areas of concern in relation to your computer system and how it is used.

We work with you to determine a direction and plan. Once we understand your business, we produce a needs analysis, which will include an overview of your company's current situation, recommendations where we may apply technology solutions, and a plan for implementing needed solutions.

We gather quotes from vendors and suppliers.
With our plan, we gather the necessary quotes from vendors that can provide the necessary software, hardware and solutions to apply to our plan.

We implement the solution.
Once the equipment and software arrives, we provide implementation services or we can coordinate the implementation with other service providers.

We monitor and support the network even after the project is done.
When the solution
is installed and functioning, we provide post-implementation support services. We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients.